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Panarub Care for Others

as in previous years when Ramadan comes, a series of social activities become a permanent agenda and part of Corporate Social Responsibility. We have Sharing Ramadan, Breakfasting Inter-Religious PT. Panarub Industry and Breakfasting with Orphans and sharing parcel to orphans.

Here we talk about the Sharing Ramadan, which is the sharing of a parcel for Dhuafa tribe spread over several points in the city and or the Tangerang Regency.

Starting on July 18th, 2013 by more than 1,000 gift packages have been distributed to some like Putera Orphanage Asih, Yayasan Al-Izzani Orphan, Orphanage Key Light, As-Sodiqiyah Orphans Foundation, Yayasan Bakti Nations Children's Social Care, Children Orphanage Sky , The Hospital Dhuafa Sari Asih Ar-Rahmah, Al-Mubarok Orphanage, Yayasan Nurul Jadid, Insan Foundation for Social Care, Nursing Homes and others.

This activity can be realized thanks to the participation of management and all employees of PT. Panarub Industry who have willingly donated part of his property. May God reward abundant multiply accordingly.

Thank you all for your participation and to meet at the Sharing Ramadan next year.