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Panarub Care for Others

Tangerang - Friday, July 18, 2014, PT Panarub Industry annual event held in each month of Ramadan, the fasting together in an environment of inter-religious and corporate gift giving to more than 250 orphans who live in the vicinity of the PT. Panarub Industry. This event is the culmination of a series of activities of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Panarub Neighbor Care - Sharing Ramadan.

The break fasting and gift giving orphans was held in the cafeteria employees of PT Panarub Industry for almost 2 hours, which was attended by Mr. Didick Suarto (Director of Operations), Ms. Lika Frida (Production Director), Mr.. Esfari (Group HR Director), Mr. Rizki Nurbakti (GM Development), Mr. Daniel Susanto (GM Production), and Senior Managers from each Department. In addition to the Board of Directors and orphans, the committee also invited more than 100 employees as representative of each religious in PT. Panarub Industry. This is to show how the magnitude of inter-religious tolerance in PT Panarub Industry.

Organizing iftar and gift giving orphans at Ramadan feels different when compared with the implementation of previous years, as said by the PT Panarub Industry, Mr. Didick Suarto. This is because the speaker is usually filled by a religious teacher (preacher) was replaced by Miss Tajun and friends serving fairy tales and interactive activities with the orphans, where it contains a moral message that is very helpful for children. It is expected that with this method of storytelling, children can be close and feel involved in the story.

At the welcome session of management, Mr. Didick Suarto had asked the orphans who attend, whether some of them do want to work in Panarub? With enthusiasm, one hand raised orphan respectively expressed their interest to work in Panarub. Seeing the enthusiasm, Mr. Didick provide direction and motivation to the 250 orphans who attend to learn who diligently and continuously improve their achievement in school, the next 15-20 years so that they are ready to accept the baton to build PT Panarub Industry becomes greater.

The committee would like to thank all those involved in organizing this event so that it runs smoothly and successfully.