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Panarub Care for Environment

PT Panarub Industry as a large manufacturing company that has a high concern for the environment. Therefore, through CSR Panarub Environmental Care, the company donated 1,000 trees to the city of Tangerang. These trees scheduled to be planted in some housing residents to Village Green program. In a symbolic handover of 1,000 trees was held on Friday, June 13, 2014  at Sari Asih Hospital Ar-Rahmah who was represented by Mr. Esfari Maskawiyah (Group HR Director) to Hj. Siti Rochayah representative Tangerang Health Forum (FKTS) and of course also witnessed by representatives of the residents of Tangerang City.

Mr. Esfari Maskawiyah said that aid to the city of Tangerang 1,000 trees this is as a form of social responsibility PT Panarub Industry to the community, especially in the field of environment. The contribution these trees are also in line with the vision and mission of the Tangerang City regained its title as a clean city or town that managed to maintain cleanliness and urban environmental management. Mr. Esfari also said that hopefully in the future PT Panarub Industry can continue to work together with the city of Tangerang FKTS in realizing a healthy, not only in the field of the environment, but also in the social and health fields.

Chief Executive FKTS, Hj. Siti Rochayah, thanked to PT Panarub Industry who donated trees for the benefit of the environment in the city of Tangerang. She hopes in the future PT Panarub Industry can increase the number of trees donated. "Not just 1,000 trees, once could match the number of employees," he said.

Hj. Siti added with a donation of 1,000 trees of PT Panarub Industry is expected to further promote again the village green in the city of Tangerang. The village green in addition to beautify the environment, but also helps meet the daily needs of the community such as peppers, tomatoes, bitter melon, and even medicinal plants. Hj. Siti noticed to citizens of the city of Tangerang to maintain and care for this tree, because this is our tree together.

CSR Panarub Care for the Environmental Program is one of the real proven of the core values ​​of PT Panarub Industry, which Social Responsibility. Hopefully in the future PT Panarub Industry can continue to work together and grow together government and community.