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Company Profile

Company Name : PT Panarub Industry
Established : 1968
Location : Jl. Moh. Toha KM 1, Pasar Baru, Tangerang - Banten 15113
Manufacture Type : Shoes Industry
Total Factory Area     :    +/- 20 Ha

About Us

In 1968, when the Indonesian Government   announced   new tax incentives for local manufacturers, Mr Lucas Sasmito realized the opportunity that this presented. He founded PT Pan Asia Rubber to produce rubber sponge and sandals. The Lily's brand of sandals quickly became a household name in Indonesia and by 1979 the company that was now called PT Panarub Industry had diversified into sports footwear. Thanks to a strong focus on quality, Panarub was successful in exporting its products to developed markets like Europe and the USA.

In 1988 Panarub formed a business partnership with the adidas brand. This represented a major milestone for the company and it soon established it competency in manufacturing high-end, quality football shoes. As a result, Panarub is designated as the Football Speciality Centre for the adidas brand.

Now lead by Mr Lucas son, Hendrik Sasmito, Panarub has grown to 25 high-tech production lines with over 11,000 skilled employees producing top quality professional shoes for sports-men and sports-women all over in the world. Some of the most memorable contributions were the introduction of the adidas ˜Predator" model at the World Cup 2012 in Korea and the ˜Tunit" model which made it debut at the World Cup 2006 in Germany. Both of these were met with overwhelming success. Panarub's manufacturing output has grown steadily each year, and in 2011 we produced over 12.6 millions pairs of shoes for the world market.