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Core Values


To socialize the 5 (five) core values, Mr. Hendrik Sasmito has particularly developed the Monument of Core Value, for which the monument is originated from a tree fossil which shapes like a sail. This monument shows the importance of Core Value for the employee and the company.

The Fossil in the shape of a sail stands on a stone with the shape like a boat which represents PT Panarub Industry as a boat sailing in the ocean and all the employees are the passengers of the boat. The boat is facing to the north because north is commonly in the upper position, therefore it can be interpreted that the main goal of PT Panarub Industry is always striving forward, becoming better and expanding, inline with the mission of Panarub “TO BE THE BEST MANUFACTURER FOR THE LEADING SPORT BRANDS IN THE WORLD”. The core value of PT Panarub is reflected in the wordings beneath the Monument of Core Value which functionsas the supporting factor for the running way of the boat, and the description is as follows:

  1. Customer Focus, which is placed in the front of the boat showing the destination of the boat / PT Panarub Industry is directed to consumer satisfaction.
  2. Sportmanship and Proactive, which is placed on the right and left sides of the boat represents as a balance for the boat in sailing the strong waves in the ocean. Sportmanship is meant as spirit to win (Winning Spirit) to reach the goal and Proactive constitutes an anticipating action in an unpredictable situations.
  3. Enthusiasm and Social Responsibility which is placed at the back of the boat, is meant as the promoter for the speed of the boat to lead forward to the defined direction. Enthusiasm is meant as working enthusiastically and affectionately. Social responsibility constitutingas the aspiration of PT. Panarub Industry to keep on creating employment opportunities and creating prosperity for the employees in particular and for the society living in the vicinity in general.

Hopefully with the Monument, the Core Values that has been available and become the culture of  PT Panarub Industry will be more and more deeply grown in the heart of each employee so that the boat (PT Panarub Industry) can go peacefully crossing the waves of industrial competition and reach the destination maximaly.