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We provide in-house clinic which operates for 24 hours a day with the purpose to provide optimum health services for every employee completed with sufficient instrument and utility.

klinik panarub industry

We provide dining room (canteen) for all employee completed with facility of communication and information media (such as music, video and radio) to provide information and simultaneously entertainment for all employee.

The park is built to provide cool and comfortable nuances for all employees at break time to help them releasing the exhaustion afterwork.

Facility and infrastructure for worship is provided for all employees so that they can pay their obligation in fulfilling their worship in accordancewith their religion and belief.

klinik panarub industry

As one of the facilities in developing the communication media between employees and the management which is used as a meeting place for conveying ideas, suggestions, or even criticisms for the company in improving the effectivity and productivity and advancement of the company in a more comprehensive manner.