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1968 : PT Panarub Industry was founded to produce rubber sponge and the ‘Lily’ range of sandals.
1979 : Production of ‘SPECS’ sports shoe began for a domestic market.
1985 : Panarub began exporting to European markets.
1987 : Start to export the product to USA.
1988 : Panarub formed a business partnership with the adidas brand.
1998 : Panarub appointed to be adidas football speciality center.
2000 : Production began for the Predator model for the 2002 World Cup.
2004 : Predator boots were used in the European Cup 2004: especially the Predator Pulse and the F50.
2006 : The Tunit model was introduced at the 2006 World Cup in Germany and was met with overwhelming success.
2007 : Leadership transition from Mr. Hendrik Sasmito to Mr. Chin Choong.