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Mr. BIG Statue

On September 09, 2009, atprecisely 09.00 o’clock Western Indonesia Time Mr. Hendrik Sasmito inaugurated the new statue, attended by the members of the Board of Directors and Management. The unique statue was named Mr. BIG. In his welcome speech, Mr. Hendrik Sasmito explained that Mr. BIG is theimplementation of astatementhe came acrossat the Disneyland’s entrance gate saying: “THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BIG”.

The visual form of Mr. BIG represents a Chinese character “Da” (Tha) which in the Mandarin language means great,while the meaning of each part of the body of Mr. BIG can be described as follows:

> The long and impressively dreadlocks hair shows creativity. It means that expected ly every problem can be solved in a creative and pro-active manner.

> Open hands mean being inclusive, able to accept differences or diversities to support progress.

> The big body of the statue does not mean a person with a fat body but the one with a proportional and athletic body; this represents that the company or organization does not become a giant bureaucracy and has a flat organization structure, but it aims at being able to always move energetically and to quickly conform to environmental changes.

> The big feet that step widely means a strong and robust foundation as well as  courage to step over.

It is expected that Mr. BIG is able tobecome a reference for all the employees of PT Panarub Industry so asto be motivated to keep on being creative and willing to accept all diversitiesas a spiritto starta big stepfor progress. Changes leadingto being betterindeed can not be carried outfast;however,with perseverance and continuous efforts, the changes will bring us to obtain any outcomethat we all have dreamt of.