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The Statue of Flying

Have we ever felt that we are no one, have no capability, desperate and pessimistic to reach success? If the above question is asked in a questionnaire and distributed to all employees of PT Panarub Industry, it can be predicted that the majority answers will be “I have” or even “I often have”.  

We often envy when we see other people’s success.  We often think that we have come to the maximum point of struggle, that we feel that life is merely a bad song.  

From that point of view and inspired by a song composedand made popular by Robert Syvester Kelly / R. Kelly, entitled I Believe I Can Fly, Mr. Hendrik Sasmito wantedto have a piece of art work that can convey to his employees the meaning of Freedom, Courage, Self Confidence. Through the hands of an artist from Yogyakarta whom Mr. Hendrik met when he visited the city last March, now a statueof a woman has been erected thatis named:  ”Terbang”.(”Flying”).

According to Mr. Hendrik Sasmito, the statue is correspondingwith the actual situation in PT Panarub Industry which majority of employees arefemale (woman). The statue of ”Flying” represents a woman who is strechingout both of her arms, representing  a free

woman, not being shackled. Nowadays, there is no longerborderbetween men and women, all have equal rights to strive forward, to learn and to reach their goals and their highest dreams. We only need to believe that there is not anything that can hampered our efforts to reach success. Believe that currently we are free and not tied up to keep on

 learning and attempting to be the best. It is also important for us to know that having courage to break the old, negativetradition (such as women are weakpeople, women may not have higher position than men, etc.) will bring positive resultsand it will lead toself confidence that will bringto achieve our dreams or aspiration. We only need to believe, to feelconfident and always believe in our own capability.Thus the statue of ”Flying” is expected to enable the employees of PT Panarub Industry, particularly women-employeescan arise from the downturnand restriction between men and women that has been existingup to now, and can also become the leader for herself to reach her highes objective or dream.